Organic Mattresses & Luxury Bedding

Welcome! We are sadly in the process of closing Tucked in Organics, LLC. We have loved serving our customers and clients for the past five years and helping them to get a better night’s sleep. We love and appreciate all who have supported us as we close the doors on this chapter and liquidate our inventory. Please pay attention to our store hours via Facebook and our website for updates as we will be limiting them as we run out of inventory. Our website contains what we currently have in stock and available. Please call with questions. First-come-first serve on all items.

The average person spends 1/3 of their lives in bed. That amounts to about 56 hours a week and 25 years of your whole lifetime. We believe that no one should spend that time sleeping on dangerous chemicals which are found in conventional mattresses and bedding utilizing flame retardants, synthetic foams, and fabrics.

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Five Years, Lots of Smiles, a Couple Tears, and now We Must Say Goodnight! Dearest Family and Friends,  we are so grateful for the local support that we have received over the time that we…