5 Love Languages for Mattress Shoppers!

It’s February! So we’re going to talk about LOVE.

Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages breaks down the ways in which we all experience affection and communicate love differently.  By learning more about which language is primary to you and your partner, you can improve your connection. Today, I am going to show you how no matter your love language, an organic mattress will be deserving of your affections:

  1. 1. Words of Affirmation – Our mattresses are durable, safe, supportive, customizable and healthy! There is not much more reassurance you need.

2. Acts of Service – We deliver and set up your mattress for you! Also, it will continue to serve you for many years of quality sleep.

3. Receiving Gifts –  You will benefit from the gift of quality, restorative sleep and perhaps also the gift of your sleeping partner not tossing and turning all night!

4. Quality Time – You will spend a lot of quality time with your new mattress. It’s ready for an intimate, long term relationship. We can help you choose to make sure you are a perfect match!

Sleep is a Long-Term Relationship

5. Physical Touch – I don’t think I need to explain this one. The proper new organic mattress will give your body the support it needs, while providing you the equivalent comfort of a giant hug….night after night!