Mattress shopping can be a confusing and often daunting process. We will give you the information you need to make the safest, healthiest decision for you and your family where comfort and quality matter most.

Food, water, air, and sleep: four vital nutrients your body needs to survive. A toxin-free, organic mattress and bedding help to give you the very best, purest sleep. Conventional mattresses contain toxic chemicals such as flame retardants, and polyurenthane foams, and even petroleum byproducts, all of which studies have shown to be dangerous to our health.
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Ever wonder what was actually in your mattress? At Tucked in Organics, we let you open, see, feel, smell, and of course, lie on every mattress we have. We work with what nature has to offer to provide you with a mattress and bedding.
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Store owners Emily and Jason Aborn are committed to providing our community with healthful home products as the need for toxin-free living increases. Emily and Jason were inspired to open Tucked in Organics after researching the harmful chemicals found in conventional mattresses and making the decision to instead purchase an organic mattress of their own.
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Which is better? Dunlop or Talalay? There is no one “right” type, what matters most is which type, or which combination, will create the right comfort and support for your needs. We invite you to share your individual sleeping preferences so that we can guide you to the customization that is right for you. Both are a great quality and are extremely pure. The best way to find out which one best suits your needs is to try!
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