About Us

My name is Emily Aborn and I am usually the face you will see when you come in to shop for an organic mattress or bedding. I hold a degree in Community Health Education and Nutrition and I have previous experience with organic mattresses and bedding (I worked at The Organic Bedroom in Raleigh, NC prior to opening this store). Like you, I am seeking to make the healthiest choices for myself and my family: we cook and eat healthfully, exercise and sleep well, and are always seeking opportunities to support local business and community members. I have found myself serving in many diverse areas of the health and wellness field and I now weave this knowledge and background into my work. I love helping people like you find the sleep of their dreams!

I believe that mattress shopping should be an enjoyable, informative, and no-pressure shopping experience. We opened Tucked in Organics to help you get a good night’s sleep on the very best mattress for your unique needs.

I am committed to providing our community with healthful home products as the need for toxin-free living increases. My husband, Jason, and I were inspired to open Tucked in Organics after researching the harmful chemicals found in conventional mattresses and making the decision to instead purchase an organic mattress of our own. Opening an organic, all-natural sleep store in New Hampshire has been a dream come true for us. Supporting the local community while providing healthy alternatives is our mission at Tucked In Organics.

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