Natural and Organic Materials offer:

  • Pressure-Relief
  • Support
  • Dust-Mite and Mold Resistance
  • Temperature-Regulation
  • Breathability
  • Peace of Mind

Latex/ Natural Rubber

Not to be confused with synthetic rubber that is found in bandaids, tires, gloves, and blended latex mattresses –many of our mattresses contain natural latex that is free of chemicals, additives, and is tapped directly from the rubber tree.¬†Features of latex include being antimicrobial, temperature-neutral, mold, mildew, and dust-mite-resistant. Latex is a soft, pressure-relieving material that simultaneously offers support, durability, and it is processed sustainably.

Latex can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep and how you feel when you wake up. It is pressure-relieving and lifting to the body, offering much-needed relief for sore muscles.

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Wool is natural flame-retardant and considered to be the safest choice for bedding. It has exceptional temperature-regulating properties, helps to keep you cool in the summer and cozy warm in the winter. It is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew and it quickly wicks away moisture. It is hypo-allergenic and durable. Wool lowers the heart rate and increase the beneficial phase of sleep known as REM, meaning less time spent tossing and turning.

Organic Cotton

Conventional cotton is grown with pesticides, accounting for nearly 25% of all insecticides sprayed in the world each year. Because we understand the value of a toxin-free home, our products feature organic cotton which is clean, healthy, and has been grown with the utmost of consideration for you and the planet.