Looking for Unique Gift Ideas?

Every month, I set a goal for how many books I want to read and usually have an idea of which ones I want and they are on request at the library ready for me to pick up!

Except for last month….

October, I was busy focusing on other things and setting bigger, more important goals and I never decided on a book! After being bookless and afraid for about a week, I strolled into my local library on a Sunday afternoon and checked out three books all at once. One morning I was sitting in my kitchen, drinking my coffee reading one, I realized there was another looming at me from across the room, and one taunting me from upstairs. Two of the three books were fairly mindless, and the third ended up being a real gem! So, I brought back the two that were time-wasters and focused in on the other one.
October’s goal became: One Really Good Book

Would you rather live your life an inch deep and a

mile wide or a mile deep and an inch wide?

This book conundrum got me thinking about applying the same philosophy as we enter the gift-giving season. I don’t want to give my friends and family a bunch of thoughtless gifts just for the sake of amassing large numbers of thanks. I want to give more intentional, meaningful and unique gifts.

So here it is!
Your guide to Tucked in Organics TOP 5 Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas:
  1. 1. Sage Non-Toxic All Tucked In Relaxation Gift Set: Let your loved ones be pampered with organic skin care products found in this collection. Argan and Aloe Body Wash to gently cleanse and soften skin, Exfoliating Body Polish removes dry flaky skin and hydrates, Argan and Aloe Body Cream is perfect for deeply moisturizing during the winter, and a Whipped Cream Face Cleanser with essential oils is the perfect holiday gift! Check out all of SAGE’s skin care products and stocking stuffers at Tucked in Organics! We also carry bath and body products containing CBD oil, and gorgeous, locally-made natural soaps from Ariem Body Co.

2. A NEW Pillow! Everyone loves a good night’s sleep! We have pillows that are the perfect surprise for the person in your life that is always complaining about tossing and turning, having a stiff neck in the morning, or the odd ten-year-old smell coming from their current one…

3. Buttery Soft Sheet Set: Want to quickly become someone’s favorite gift-giver? Ask about our customer’s favorite sheets and you will surely not disappoint this holiday season.

4. Aromatherapy: Diffusing DoTerra’s soft and sweet Serenity Oil Blend helps to promote relaxation and rest. If you’re looking for a great gift for someone looking to create a comforting bedtime environment, the DoTerra Lumo diffuser and oils are the perfect option!

5. A New Mattress: You didn’t think I would end this without suggesting the best of the best, did you? WOW that special someone with a bed that will last and keep on providing sweet dreams for twenty year! We also have great top-of-the bed accessories that will transform your current mattress and make for a cozy winter sleep nest.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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