2018 Reflection and Goal-Setting

As the year 2018 begins to wrap up, I am taking the month to sort of mindfully recap the year that has just gone by. I wanted to share with you some of the ways I reflect upon the past year and set goals for the upcoming year as well! So, get a pen and paper and feel free to steal this part of my brain for your own use! (more…)

Want to Become a Morning Person?

6 Steps to help you become the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed early morning riser you have always wanted to be

This blog was written with information from and inspired by Lissa Coffey (spokeswoman for the Better Sleep Council)

At the first inkling of morning, are you charged up and ready to jump out of bed? Or are you more likely to hit snooze and pull the covers back over your head? Even when we are getting enough sleep, and waking up before our alarm clock goes off, it can still sometimes be a struggle. Here are some tips to getting your day started with a little extra pep in your step: (more…)

Election Day Blog: Vote with Your Dollars Too!

Today I skipped down to my local town hall, dodging rain drops and horses and buggies (we live in a small, rural NH town) and happily exercised my right to vote. As I was coming home, I thought of another way we can vote each and every day… and that is, with our dollars! (more…)

Vitamin Green: PART TWO -Bring the Outside In!

In Part ONE of this blog, Lissa Coffey, Better Sleep Council’s spokeswoman, told us how we are connected to nature and how that impacts our sleep. In Part TWO, we will be looking at how to experience the benefits of nature by bringing the outdoors in as much as possible through plants.

NASA’s Clean Air Study presented a list of which houseplants could purify the air indoors to help facilitate a better night’s sleep. Here are NINE plants that will help nature to support us in our journey to health and wellness. See the full results of the study HERE

  1. 1) Jasmine – The sweet fragrance of Jasmine is well-known and well-loved for it’s relaxing and soothing properties for both the mind and the body.
  2. 2) Lavender – Perhaps one of the better-known and most commonly associated with sleep aids, as a fragrance. Lavender helps to slow blood pressure and stress levels. It’s gentle enough for a baby and if you can find the real thing, you can plant little pots of lavender and display them right at your bedside.
  3. 3) Gardenia – A delicate plant that thrives with TLC and will make a gorgeous houseplant. The smell of gardenia relives anxiety and promotes sleep.
  4. 4) Snake Plant – Easy to grow, and maintain, this plant is ideal for the indoors! It also helps drastically improve air quality. During the night, snake plants emit oxygen that take in carbon dioxide, leading to both better air and better sleep. Snake plant also acts as a filter for common household toxins in the air.
  5. 5) English Ivy – Like the snake plant, English ivy is easy to grow and requires moderate sunshine. It helps to improve symptoms of asthma and allergies. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology says English ivy can remove 78% of airborne mold in just 12 hours.
  6. 6) Peace Lily – Peace lilies help to reduce humidity in the room by as much as 5%. Lower humidity surpasses many of the airborne microbes that lead to allergies. Easy to care for, just keep away from your pets!
  7. 7) Bamboo Palm – If you love being taken away to the tropics, this tree will fit in with your vibe! It is also known as the “reed palm” and acts as a wonderful air purifier.

8) Spider Plant – A wonderful hanging plant with lots of cute little offshoots, this plant showed through the NASA study that it removes about 90% of formaldehyde from the air! It also absorbs odors and fumes, so it’s a great air cleanser as well!

  1. 9) Cut Flowers – Acting as a lovely display and air purifier, cut flowers give the benefits of bringing the outdoors in. Enjoy the bright and colorful addition to your home and let the mood boosting benefits begin!

Nature is always here to support us in our health. If you’re having trouble sleeping, spend more time in nature and look at your daily habits and schedule.

Vitamin Green: PART ONE

This blog was written by Lissa Coffey: Better Sleep Council’s spokeswoman.

Where are you right now?

Chances are you’re indoors under artificial light. That’s an easy guess because that’s where most of us spend much of our time these days. While we may be stuck inside for work and other responsibilities, we end up paying a price health wise if we don’t get balance in our lives. Now science is confirming what we’ve long suspected to be true –fresh air and sunshine make a difference in how we sleep. Across the board, we all need more “vitamin green”. (more…)