Brushing Your Spine

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David Cretsinger, DC. Dr. David is the owner and chiropractor of Chiropractic 202 in Peterborough, NH. Many of our clients see chiropractors or could benefit from seeing one! Spinal health is much more than just simply being out of pain, it is about quality of life!

Last week I had a patient tell me that they just couldn’t understand why someone would keep getting adjusted when they felt good.  I love it when people actually ask things like that.  It was my opportunity to teach him how to look at his health differently.  Or at least understand chiropractic differently.  

Here was his idea of chiropractic at the time;  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  If you feel fine, why would you go?  You get adjusted to fix a problem.  So if you don’t have a problem, then why would you get adjusted?  

Blue person with a red-orange spinal column

But even this person didn’t think of every aspect of his health this way.  Even this person brushed his teeth everyday.  Even though his teeth didn’t hurt.  He brushed his teeth daily even though he didn’t have a cavity.  I asked him why he would do that if there is nothing wrong with his teeth?  

I knew this person well enough to know a little about his lifestyle.  This person exercised regularly.  I asked him why do you work out even though you aren’t overweight?  Why do you workout even if you don’t have any problems that you need to fix?  Why don’t you just wait until you have a weight problem, or have hypertension or high cholesterol or blocked arteries or even have a heart attack before you start an exercise program?

This person also really was proactive with his food.  He ate really well and was very conscious and careful with what he ate.  Low sugar, no grains, avoided processed foods and chemicals.  Why would he do that when he felt fine already?  He didn’t have a health problem, so why would he be eating like he was trying to fix a problem that he didn’t even have?

Wellness chiropractic is the same thing.  It is about being proactive.  It’s like brushing your teeth.  The Chiropractic adjustment is no different.  Health is largely a matter of attention to choices.  Subluxation of the spine is a detriment to healthy function of your body.  Getting adjusted is a lifetime commitment to healthy momentum.