Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Once every seven to ten years, you venture out into the big, scary world of mattress shopping. When I ask folks what brings them into the store and their mission is a new mattress, their voices are often full of fear and trepidation and anxiety is strewn across their face. I am here to tell you to turn that frown upside down because mattress shopping is easy and fun at Tucked in Organics!

Our easy three step process lets you relax from the moment you walk in until the moment the mattress is delivered to your door!

  1. 1. Feedback – You share with us your experience with your current mattress, your specific body needs, and what you’re looking for in a new bed. We never mind being the sounding board for gripes and complaints with what is not working and we also like to hear what is! From there, we also take into consideration your specific body type and any individual areas of pain or concern.

2. Lie and Try! We will suggest a good starting place in the store and you get to lie down and experience the mattresses. We have all the accessories to get the mattress to feel right for you and we will always happily customize things right in the store so you can feel variations and options.

3. You Choose and Your New Bed is on it’s Way! Our mattresses take about two weeks, once ordered, to arrive to your door and we offer a convenient and affordable delivery and setup option. Your perfect bed will be helping you get your sweetest dreams ever faster than you can count sheep!

Does it get any easier?

If you are looking for more information to help you navigate the waters of mattress shopping, check out our handy Mattress Buying Guide HERE!