Election Day Blog: Vote with Your Dollars Too!

Today I skipped down to my local town hall, dodging rain drops and horses and buggies (we live in a small, rural NH town) and happily exercised my right to vote. As I was coming home, I thought of another way we can vote each and every day… and that is, with our dollars!

At Tucked in Organics, we love shopping and supporting local and wanted to share some of our fellow business owner’s thoughts on why you should also:
  • Shopping local is more sustainable for the planet. It has less impact on the planet and in turn is better for your health! Likewise, when you shop and eat local you are improving the nutrient quantity in your diet and enriching the soil and earth in your town/county.
  • Shopping local keeps the dollars in your town, county, and state which then goes to local families and businesses who give back to the community. Upward spiral and win-win.
  • Shopping local provides face-to-face interaction, building of relationships and trust. When you choose a small local business, the quality of service and product is usually much better and you are taken care of with a personal touch!
  • Shopping local helps you get outside, look and experience what is in your community and backyard, connect with people, and support the environment.
  1. And of course….
  • When you choose to shop local, you don’t have to deal with a sketchy Amazon driver dropping off a package at 10pm at night…waking up the dogs, kids, and goldfish.

Vote today and everyday to keep your dollars local and give back to your fellow residents, that will give them more local buying power also!

Buy and trade what you need from your neighbors and friends. Support them, get to know them, and feel stronger roots, no matter where you are!