Frequently Asked Questions

Why Organic?

You’ve heard of organic food, organic skin care products, and even organic clothing…but organic mattresses? Our products are made from the purest, organic and natural ingredients created using the best methods and techniques.

Dunlop / Talalay?

What’s the Difference Between Dunlop and Talalay? Which is better? Dunlop or Talalay? Neither is superior to the other and there is no one “right” type. What matters most is which type, or which combination, will create the right comfort and support for your needs.

Do You Deliver?

Yes, we deliver right to your doorstep, and then some! Our delivery service includes set-up of your mattress, any bed frame or platform bed, and accessories that you have purchased as well. We cannot remove old mattresses and bedding due to sanitary reasons. Please request our “Preparing for Delivery” sheet detailed instructions. Delivery fee is based on location.

Delivery Van

Why Would I Choose Organic?

Organic mattresses and bedding are made of all-natural, and plant-derived materials which are sustainable, non-toxic, and chemical-free! This means no chemical flame retardants, added chemicals, nor PBDE’s. We do not carry petroleum-based products such as polyurethane foam. Many conventional mattresses and bedding products are made with chemicals throughout the manufacturing process and as this is the case, the surfaces we rest upon each night, their mattresses, pillows, blankets, and linens are actually becoming quite toxic. Similar to conventionally produced foods found in our groceries stores, sub par and chemical-laden are becoming industry standards for mattresses. Organic offers a healthier, longer-lasting alternative to these conventional options.

Are Your Products Made with Foam?

We do not carry products that are made with foam due to it’s synthetic nature and chemical composition. Many foams are made with toxic materials and tend to off-gas which can result in health problems and are not tolerated by many of our customers. Foam also tends to be less comfortable, less durable and is of a lesser quality than the products we carry. Natural rubber is a unique material which is pressure-relieving, durable, and provides a much healthier night’s sleep for years to come!

What is Your Return Policy?

We do not take returns on any mattresses, bedding, bed frames, or foundations at Tucked in Organics due to the nature of the materials in our products. To request a full copy of our return policy and other options that are contained within, please email us at

How Can I Learn About New Products and Events?

We love to share about our store happenings, new products, promotions, and other events, and invite you to join our mailing list. We do not sell, trade, or give our contact’s information to anyone or company. We also do not SPAM, and our emails are on an infrequent basis. You can sign up by using the form below!

How Do I Choose a Mattress?

We understand that spending your Saturday afternoon trying out mattresses is not exactly on your list of favorite things to do. We also understand that purchasing a mattress is an impactful and potentially life-changing investment. We strive to offer our customers a warm, enjoyable experience, and commit to working with individuals to find a personalized comfort. We offer folks knowledge, experience, and a calm atmosphere. We like to think that we make the mattress-shopping experience fun and ease-Zzzzzzz.