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Research has shown that children and babies are much more vulnerable to VOC’s because they breathe in a greater volume of air per body weight. In fact, they can take in up to 10 times the amount of chemical exposure that adults do. Mattresses are a significant source of chemical exposure to an infant’s and child’s environment and many conventional products share the common thread of off-gassing (the continuous release of chemical vapors). Our crib and baby mattresses, as well as our accessories are made of natural and organic materials. So you can toss the chemicals aside and give your child the safest, healthiest sleep ever.

Gift Box: Unlock the Secrets to Happy, Healthy Newborn Sleep

Healthy Sleep

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood and congratulations on your new baby!

You may have noticed as you were attending the birth preparation classes, that no one really talks about baby sleep and the only phrase that is familiar before parenthood is “sleep like baby.” So you just assume that your baby is going to be a rockstar sleeper from the start… we of course wish you a unicorn baby and hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but oftentimes healthy sleepers are made, not necessarily born that way.

In this course, you will learn how to create happy and healthy baby sleep habits from the start!


Hazard Baby Onesie

Hazard Baby Onesie

Hazard Baby was born at a propane filling station with a rented VW Camper Bus on a family tour of the Utah National Parks, in 2011.  The warning label on the propane tank asked us to alert an official if we noticed an odor.  Founder, Lyn Brown, decided that this warning also applied to babies!  She quickly realized that a great many warning and caution signs for equipment and material safety also apply to kids!

This adorable onesie is 100% cotton and available in Pink, Blue, or White. Sizes are: 3-6months and 6-12months

Magic Sleepy Spray

Magic Sleepy Spray

Infused with essential oils to help your child (and you) to feel relaxed and drowsy. Bella Luna’s handmade sleepy spray works just like magic!