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FLOOR MODEL Green Sleep Pure Support Mattress

Pure Support Mattress

The Green Sleep Pure Support makes an excellent choice for growing children and smaller adults. It contains six inches of natural latex rubber which are each individually encased in an organic cotton shell. It’s cover consists of 100% pure organic cotton and Texel pure virgin wool providing anti-humidity and comfort. presents nature’s exquisitely luxurious mattress. It has two layers of natural latex. Approximately a 7” mattress, it is supportive and offers a Medium level of firmness. A low profile mattress with a classic European look and feel. This mattress can be placed on a foundation or a slatted platform bed.

Green Sleep Ergo 6500 Pillow

Green Sleep Ergo 6500

A shredded rubber pillow that has enhanced the comfort even further with wool channels woven throughout the cover of the pillow. The Green Sleep Ergo 6500 is an adjustable shredded rubber pillow with an organic sateen cotton zippered casing quilted to generously filled channels of pure Texel wool batting. To adjust, simply unzip the cover and remove some of the natural Malaysian shredded rubber and customize the softness, height, and feel. This pillow has superb temperature-regulating properties, making it a great choice for those who tend to sleep warm. Every Ergo 6500 pillow is accompanied by a complimentary bag of North Malaysian shredded natural rubber for added comfort, firmness or re-filling over the lifetime of the pillow. This gives each sleeper a consistent supportive pillow to sleep on that will support the neck and reduce pressure off the spine. The pillow is naturally hypoallergenic, durable, and breathable.