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Research has shown that children and babies are much more vulnerable to VOC’s because they breathe in a greater volume of air per body weight. In fact, they can take in up to 10 times the amount of chemical exposure that adults do. Mattresses are a significant source of chemical exposure to an infant’s and child’s environment and many conventional products share the common thread of off-gassing (the continuous release of chemical vapors). Our crib and baby mattresses, as well as our accessories are made of natural and organic materials. So you can toss the chemicals aside and give your child the safest, healthiest sleep ever.

Nook Pebble Pillow Jr.

Nook Pebble Pillow Jr

With all of the milestones your toddler will meet, his very first pillow is an exciting “first” on his journey to becoming a big kid! Nook’s Pebble Pillow Jr. is just the right size for your growing little one and will make the trek from his toddler cot to his big boy bed. The Pebble Pillow Jr. is filled with 100% organic Kapok and made in the USA!

Nook Fitted Crib Sheet

Nook Sheet 1

Nook’s organic 300-thread count crib sheets are rich in color, luxuriously soft to the touch and completely breathable. Baby deserves nothing but the best. Nook’s Fitted Crib Sheets offer a beautiful alternative to standard infant bedding. The organic cotton material is infused with oxygen, and water-based dyes create a vibrant design to match your nursery décor.

Nook Niche Feeding Pillow

Nook Niche

Organic inside and out and made in the USA, this square-design offers extra surface space for extended use. The Niche is filled with lightweight Kapok which provides comfortable support and breathability. Not just a feeding pillow, the Niche can be used as a prop seat for baby and side sleeper pillow for mom and dad. A special, safe place for baby at home and on the go. Cover is made of Eucalyptus and Organic Cotton and inside is Organic Kapok. Cover can be machine washed and gently tumbled dry.

Nook LilyPad Playmat

Nook LilyPad Playmat Peacock

Ideal for tummy time, play time, quiet time and beyond, the Nook LilyPad provides breathable comfort for babies, toddlers and their parents. Use indoors as a playmat or folded up and take it with you for a comfortable, convenient, and healthy rest time anywhere you are. This versatile playmat is soft to sit on, effortless to clean, and stores easily. Core is made of Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton and PETE and cover is Cotton and Eucalyptus. Can be machine washed with a mild detergent.

Nook Knitted Blanket

Nook Knitted Blanket

This breathable knitted blanket is just right, with 100% certified organic combed cotton. Not too tight and not too loose, children and baby feels cozy but never overheated. Use in the stroller on chilly days or as added warmth in parent’s arms.