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OMI Duo Mattress

The Duo Mattress is fully customizable providing each sleeper the opportunity to tailor the feel of the mattress to his or her personal preference. Three 3-inch layers of certified organic latex are individually encased in organic cotton sleeves which help to prolong the mattress. Each layer can be Firm, Medium, or Soft. The top layer also features the option of a sculpted surface to provide the ultimate in comfort and pressure-point relief. This mattress is approximately 10” and can be placed on a foundation or a slatted platform bed.

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The OMI Rossa Mattress

The Rossa™ certified organic mattress is a customizable one-sided zipper-cover mattress. It features pocket-coil technology, encased in natural biodegradable materials, paired with a certified organic latex layer on the surface which can be customized on both sides of the mattress (in a Queen or King). Choose a split or solid latex comfort layer with firmness options in plush, medium, or firm. A sculpted surface is available at an additional charge to add pressure-point relief and increase air circulation, helping sleepers stay cool and comfortable. The pocket-coil springs are placed in a certified organic cotton encasement to prevent shifting over time. Covered in 10-oz. certified organic cotton on the bottom, the mattress is finished with our signature quilted woven cover.


The Rossa is available in sizes: Twin – King
Foundation Requirements: Wood-Slat Foundation with slat spacing no greater than 1”

The OMI Supplemental Foundation Layer

OMI Supplemental Foundation Layer

Your Rossa™ mattresses may require a unique foundation…
The coil springs used in most supporting box springs are approximately 3” in diameter. Although many more pocket coils are used in the Rossa™ and Stella™ than are used in other mattresses, their diameter is closer to 1 1/4”. What this means is that to prevent the pocket coils from resting on an unsupported space, our SFL™ is required on all box springs and on wood slat foundations with spacing between the slats greater than 1”.

These mattresses can also be used on wood-slat bed frames, as long as the distance between slats is no more than 1” and the slats are padded (even an old blanket should work, depending on its thickness). Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding an appropriate support system for your mattress.

OMI Crib Mattress

OMI Crib Mattress

Crib mattresses do not come purer. OMI’s crib mattress features the same organic materials in their adult line, and their signature OrganicPedic® quilting. Fit and firmness are factored into this well-designed mattress, using extra-firm GOLS-certified organic natural rubber as the core with an organic cotton and wool cover. A crib mattress that is built to last and pass from child to child, without compromise to materials or construction. Also available in custom and bassinet sizes, and innerspring. This crib mattress is a great choice for parents concerned with dust-mites and other allergens.

  • Firm GOLS-certified organic rubber core
  • Organic Cotton Cover with Organic Wool for coolness and comfort
  • Exceptional Durability

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OMI OrganicPedic® Wood Slat Foundation

OMI Foundations

The OMI foundation offers your mattress the rigid support needed. Made of cabinet-grade, kiln-dried and untreated wood slats that are wrapped in certified organic cotton canvas, this foundation is also padded with sanitized organic cotton layers and upholstered in the same organic quilting as their mattresses. The wood slats offer firm support that is ideal for a natural latex mattress. Available in 2”, 3.5”, 8”, 10”, 12”.

OMI Certified Organic Wool Comforter

OMI Wool Comforter

Due to wool’s natural temperature-regulation, this comforter makes a great year-round addition to any bedroom environment. Plush layers of premium certified organic wool are quilted into a soft, certified organic cotton sateen cover fabric. Because of its superior insulating qualities, wool is comfortable all year long.This comforter provides lightweight warmth.

OMI Molded Rubber

OMI Molded Rubber

The OMI molded rubber pillow is made of 100% natural rubber latex and comes with a double cover. The inner cover is certified organic cotton mesh fabric to help ensure that the pillow keeps its shape and integrity for many years. The second (removable, and hand washable) envelope case is made from certified organic cotton sateen fabric. This pillow is recommended for back and side sleepers, it offers softness as well as support. The OMI Molded Rubber pillow is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, dust-mite resistant, mildew and mold resistant and breathable.

OMI Wooly Topper

OMI 322 Wooly

This 3″-deep certified organic Wooly is well-suited for sleepers who need a softer surface depth or who enjoy a bed with a “nesting” feel.