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Research has shown that children and babies are much more vulnerable to VOC’s because they breathe in a greater volume of air per body weight. In fact, they can take in up to 10 times the amount of chemical exposure that adults do. Mattresses are a significant source of chemical exposure to an infant’s and child’s environment and many conventional products share the common thread of off-gassing (the continuous release of chemical vapors). Our crib and baby mattresses, as well as our accessories are made of natural and organic materials. So you can toss the chemicals aside and give your child the safest, healthiest sleep ever.

Nook Pebble Pillow Jr.

Nook Pebble Pillow Jr

With all of the milestones your toddler will meet, his very first pillow is an exciting “first” on his journey to becoming a big kid! Nook's Pebble Pillow Jr. is just the right size for your growing little one and will make the trek from his toddler cot to his big boy bed. The Pebble Pillow Jr. is filled with 100% organic Kapok and made in the USA!

Sachi Organics Kapok Pillow

Sachi Organics Kapok Pillow

A soft and plush feeling pillow, this all-natural Kapok fiber pillow has a similar feel to a feather pillow. It is covered in an organic cotton sateen fabric which is soft and durable. It features a zipper so loft can be easily adjusted to suit each individual’s comfort needs. Each pillow comes extra thick, packed full of buoyantly soft kapok loft to accommodate sleepers of all types by removing fill and adding back in later, as you like. This pillow is free of chemicals and flame retardants. Kapok is a silky fiber that comes from the seed pods of Kapok trees. It is naturally hypo-allergenic, dust-mite, mold, and mildew-resistant and offers exceptional comfort. Organic cotton sateen fabric is made with organic cotton grown in Texas and milled in North Carolina. Pillows are handmade in New Mexico.

Savvy Rest Kapok Pillow

Savvy Kapok

This pillow is fluffy and filled with certified organic kapok, offering luxurious softness. Kapok is a buoyant, natural fiber (from seed pods) that makes an excellent alternative to down. This pillow is customizable and can be unzipped to remove/add any amount of fill that you like, making it a great choice for any style sleeper. The outer cover is removable and hand washable. Kapok is a naturally hypoallergenic, dust-mite, mold, and mildew resistant material that offers exceptional comfort.