Savvy Rest Platform Bed Insert


Your new mattress requires support and breathability to thrive. This insert offers both and is carefully crafted in Charlottesville, Virginia at the Savvy Rest woodshop with natural maple and poplar wood. With a quality construction and sturdy design that you can rely on, it provides a rigid and supportive base for your new mattress to “sleep” on. You can also toss aside all of those complicated instructions and countless painful hours spent scratching your head with some furniture setup, this is an easy-assembly one-stop solution!   This product is high-end, safe, and effective while being affordable! The platform bed insert will replace any foundation or box spring and fits inside your bed frame or can be used to add extra height to an existing platform bed. With fourteen hardwood slats, this insert can provide adequate support and “breathability” to any existing frame. Height is 7″. No tools required for assembly.


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