Should Fido Be Allowed in Bed?

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We recently (a year ago now!) successfully banned our sweet boy, Clyde, from the bedroom because his love for organic bedding rivaled my own and he was a very noisy snorer, licker, and all the noisy dog things all night long, which affected our sleep. Please don’t tell him I told you any of these things… he would be very embarrassed. 

An average of 42% pet owners let their cat or dog sleep either in the bedroom or in the bed with them. I would venture to say that an average of 42% of pet owners do not get a very good night’s sleep most nights. But I will let you make your own decision about what is best for you and your fur-child. Read on to learn some pros and cons about sleeping with a pet! First of all, I will tell you that our experience of banning the animal that is accustomed to linen duvet covers and having his own spot in between us was no easy road. It takes willpower not to let his baby seal-like whines break you when he wants to be where you are rather than his comfy organic doggy bed by the wood stove downstairs. So, if you do go that route, know that you are in for a solid two weeks of training both yourself and your pet. But, also speaking from experience, I know that it can be done! And I, for one, sleep much better because of it! 

Why to Sleep With Pets: 

  • They are always up for cuddling 
  • They can help you feel safer and calmer when you have them in the bed or bedroom with you
  • The warmth, comfort, and more steady breathing patterns can be soothing for many and help to lull them to sleep
  • They are warm: an alternative to the electric blanket! 
  • They wake up in a great mood every day! (This could be a pro or con depending on whether or not you are a morning person)
  • They can help by acting as the alarm clock! 

Why Not to Sleep With Pets: 

  • They can aggravate asthma or allergies
  • They increase your risk of disease. Did you see what your dog/cat got into today? That is definitely being invited into your bed with you… 
  • They can interrupt sleep –scratching, sniffing, snoring, moving, bumping, jumping on your head, taking over the bed… need I go on? 
  • Can cause dominance or territorial issues with the “pack leaders” ie. you! 
  • Interferes with couples intimacy. Again… need I say more? 

Ultimately, the choice is yours! As quality sleep-lovers and promoters, we do recommend evaluating if your current situation is working for BOTH individuals and if not, having a discussion about what the best possible solution is. Sweet (Kibble) Dreams!